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What is our banner performance?

There are lots of analytics solutions to find out conversion rates of your products, however there is no any real-time banner performance monitoring and reporting tool until today.

Bannerify helps you to check the performance of your banner in real-time. It's crucial to understand your banners performance to manage your site to be always on top.

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Why measuring banner performance that important?

  • It’s hard to understand from all data mass.
  • We just simplified source control features based on every single product on your website.
  • Absolutely without any CRM, backend or whatever integration needed!
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Frequently Asked Question

What do you mean by real-time?

To be honest, Google Analytics is not a real time solution including Premium version. That’s why we developed Bannerify as a real-time solution to check your e-commerce and content banner performances one by one.

What about integration?

You just need to sign up first. Then we will send you one line js code to put it on your website and that’s it! We’ll open your Bannerify dashboard after that without any coding skill or developer needed.

Does it help me to measure insite marketing efforts?

Yes and this is especially for you! You can measure/monitor and analyse your insite marketing efforts. Tracking your banner oriented marketing campaigns with Bannerify with sources breakdown and even calculate what performs well on which banner.

Is that possible to monitor day by day banner performances?

Yes and more! Banerrify offers you time duration sorting options with aggregate function to compare yesterday, 1 week, 1 month or any time performance of your products.

Real-time Analytics


Trendify helps you to understand easily what’s going on your website based on real-time monitoring solution.

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